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Special thanks to Funmart Cycl... Customer drove across Iowa (5h... Customer and friends at the Su...

Driving a motorcycle is like.png Winter is Nature's way of telling you to polish.png Never hesitate to ride past.png When you look down the road.png A good rider can overcome marginal equipment.png
Driving a motorcycle is like f...
a narrow track of dirt.png All I remember is dirt sky dirt sky dirt sky ambulance.png Careful maintenance and preparation.png Companion wanted.png Faster faster.png
Faster faster.png Four wheels move the body.png I look my best when I take my helmet off.png I never lose. I only run out of laps gas or time ad.png I'd rather be a rider for a minute.png
I'd rather be a rider for a minute.png If the person in the next lane at the stoplight.png If you come between me and the finish line.png If you want to be something you've never been.png If you're going to lead, then lead.png
In racing, I wanted to be a winner.png It wasn't until I went to college.png Keep your dirt bike in good repair.png Life is not a journey.png Life may begin at 30.png
Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra.png motorcycle racing.png My dirt bike is a gift from my children.png Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.png Never try to race an old geezer.png
Never underestimate the power.png No one ever wins an argument with a tree.png Only a Biker knows why a dog ad.png Only the guy who finished second.png Patience is a virtue of many racers.png
regular maintenance.png Riding a motorcycle on today's highways.png
56 Photos (1-40 shown) << Previous | Next >>

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